Carnival Group (0996.HK)

Carnival Group International Holdings limited, its shares are listed and traded on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. The company is China’s only publicly listed operator of large-scale integrated tourism, hospitality and retail attraction, consisting of theme parks, hotels, premium outlet shopping, dining, conference and exhibition centers, entertainment and recreational facilities.

We aim to provide our customers with a themed one-stop shop for leisure, shopping, dining, entertainment and culture, and in return, we are capturing the fast growing Chinese tourism market brought by the increasing spending power of Chinese population. Ended 31 December 2017, the Group recorded approximately HK$2193 million, gross profit of approximately HK$1024 million, profit attributable to ownwers of the Company of approximately HK$395 million, increased 218.98% at the same period in 2016.

Excellent Projects

Rio Carnival (Qingdao)

The Company’s flagship project Rio Carnival is located in the Phoenix Island tourist resort, Huangdao District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. It is a large-scale mixed-use tourism, commercial and residential complex with a total construction area of approximately 800,000 m² and a total floor area of approximately 348,900 m².
The complex includes indoor and outdoor underwater ocean exploration theme parks, hotels, one-stop international premium brand outlets, restaurant street, conference and exhibition centre, coastal residential community and an entertainment complex including a large-screen multiplex cinema, a karaoke establishment, electronic games parlour, LEGO experience centre for children and an in-door skating rink.This project has began trail operation and will be fully opened by phases.

Carnival International Community (Chengdu)

Carnival International Community is the first high-end foreign living area in Chengdu with a total construction area of approximate 510,000 m². It is the combination of luxury residence, park side commercial area and serviced apartments.

Shilaoren Project (Qingdao)

Being adjacent to Shilaoren Scenic Area, the project possesses a great sea view and embraces the spectacular nature. With a superior sea view, a low residential density and a high quality, the project is designed for high-income groups and to create a harmonious living culture. The total construction area is approximate 110,000 m².

Yanglin Project (Beijing)

Yanglin Project is located in Beijing Central Villa District, boasting a superior geographic advantage and a great market potential. Capitalizing on the geographic advantage and value of scarcity, the project focuses on high-value storeyed villas within Central Villa District. The total construction area is approximate 45,000 m².

Vancouver Project (Canada)

Located in downtown area of West End of Vancouver, the third largest city of Canada, the project is situated at one of the most expensive areas in Vancouver, and also boasts great potential thanks to the convenience of transportation. The project is believed to be a high-end offer with its two 30-storey luxury apartment buildings with 5-storey underground parking lot and lifestyle leisure facilities. The total construction area is approximate 398,000 m².

Shouson Hill Project (Hong Kong)

Located in the south of Hong Kong Island and adjacent to Deep Water Bay, the project is one of the most famous conventional luxury mansion districts in Hong Kong. Two town houses will be developed, both designed with yards, swimming pools and leisure facilities.