Thanks all the people for the support to Carnival Group International.

In the recent years, China’s tourism industry has prosperously developed. Tourism and leisure comsumption has become two of the pillar industries which are driving structural transformation of the Chinese economy and are backed by strong support from the Chinese government in terms of policies and infrastructure development. It is well positioned to capitalise on the PRC’s burgeoning middle-class with increasing disposable incomes and greater willingness to spend time and moneyon leisure activities.

Carnival Group International has been established to realize this advanced idea. The name Carnival refers to the happy and energetic atmosphere in life. We develop the large-scale complex with commercial, residential and tourist functions in the potential cities. The projects of Carnival Group International not only bring new lifestyle to people, but also become the new landmarks due to the superior location and perfect facilities including entertainment, restaurants, shopping and exhibition, etc. These projects become the highlights in the cities, making people feel like walking in the carnival.

As a listed company in the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Carnival Group International has obtained a better platform and set higher standards. In the future, we will keep striving to become an excellent international premium quality tourism and leisure consumption complex developer.