About Haokaishi

Haokaishi (Shanghai) Ltd. is Carnival Group’s core brand, specialized in children’s entertainment and education industry. Various brands such as Discovery Channel will grand their rights of licensing and operation of children education centers to Haokaishi.

Gathering China’s top educational experts and experienced operational team, with distribution channels, brands, content providers, business partners and many other advantageous resources, Haokaishi knows more about the needs of domestic education market and parents, and understands how to successfully plan and promote an educational project.

Our Goal

– To become the quality standard for the Chinese education industry, our good beginning to be ranked as a top player in international market

Build Haokaishi to be the first choice edutainment brand for parents and children

– To create the most innovative, the most professional and the most popular online and offline destination for Chinese children and their parents

– Starting with merchandise and offline experience, in conjunction with online personal APP, can extend educational platform to infinity.

– Haokaishi will be built as a representative of education and children’s future, thereby earning the trusts of parents.

– Sell our patented brand to others and make Haokaishi a quality standard and a proof of the Chinese education industry

Project Core

Create the world’s unique interactive entertainment and educational centers;

With unique brand resources to achieve maximum market awareness;

With high quality interactive experience and training content as the core, continuous optimization and upgrade, to obtain an absolute advantage over peers;

New media interactive experience, multimedia interactive online and offline platforms, to collect a lot of customer data while providing superior experience;

Strong project replicability, rapid conquering of China’s national market

Advantages of Haokaishi

  1. Breakthrough edutainment way makes children play to learn from offline to online,indoor to outdoor
  2. Diversified international popular IP brands curriculums to activate kids` learning interests with an interactive edutainment way
  3. Haokaishi also offer a platform for parents to learn more international advanced parenting skill and knowledge
  4. Offer freedom and flexible business opportunity with recommending overseas high-quality children learning tools & toys for distributors.

Education model of Haokaishi

3 LEHAS* Power (* LEHAS Learning Happily And Smartly)

Haokaishi adapting international education theory, develop a unique and grounded learning model for Chinese children. According diversified interaction, invisible knowledge penetration, & self adapted & enlighten these 3 dimensions, to activate their interests of learning.


Design concept of Haokaishi Educenter

The design concept of Haokaishi educenter is “ Kids airport”,which tailor-made for children by MILESEUM from Korea, that means this is an exclusive place for kids to experience. Kids will check in and scan passport to enter into center by themselves,no parents accompany. We build a pure kids social platform, cultivate the kids` independence and ensure their safety in our center.

Haokaishi 8-dimension index

Base on the theory of「The Whole-brain Child」,HKS develop the 8-dimension index, which help to visualize the learning status , indentify the ability of children and fully explore brain power via personalized tailored learning plan.


Haokaishi Educenter (Shanghai West Yan`an Road Center)

2nd floor, No.3162, West Yan`an Road, Shanghai, China

Hotline: 400-8066-336