Creating new high of visitors in holidays, Carnival International achieves strategic target of “high-end tourism”

On 28 October, Qingdao Rio Carnival Outlets, Rio Carnival Theme Park and Hotel Plaza Carnival, flagship projects of Carnival Group International Holdings Limited (“Carnival International”; Stock code: 996HK), jointly held the largest Halloween party in the west coast of Qingdao, demonstrating splendid Rio Carnival parade in Qingdao.

Being the largest Halloween party in the west coast of Qingdao, the activities showed three unique spotlights, namely “Trick or Treat”, the common Halloween activity, talent performance show, delicacy fair and Halloween costumes dress-up for kids. Meanwhile, there were hundreds of performers participating in different activities, such as the parade, large-scale themed interaction performance, eight registration and assemble websites as well as delivery of about a thousand of presents. It is reported that the brilliant Halloween parade activities attracted over 70,000 tourists from Qingdao and within and outside the province, becoming a successful milestone of the “middle- and high-end tourist consumption consortium” of Carnival International.

Halloween activities of the Carnival attracted enthusiastic participation by numerous tourists

Prior to that, Carnival Outlets also organized numerous themed and concession activities, including Carnival Fashion Week in July, Beer Festival and Qingdao City Shopping Festival in August and special activities in Golden Week in October. In particular, the flow of visitors in August was over 600,000, representing a year-on-year increase of 49%, while the growth in results reached 57%. Rio Carnival, again, created a decent results during the long Golden Week of national celebration in this year. A series of “Having fun in Golden Week” activities attracted over 500,000 visitors, while the visitors per day represented a year-on-year increase of 20% and the results per day represented a year-on-year increase of 32%.

Special performance activities in the theme park celebrating Halloween

Qingdao Rio Carnival Project is the flagship project is meticulously contrived by Carnival International. Integrating various elements such as indoor and outdoor theme parks, recreational and leisure famous brands discount shopping centers, riverside theme food and beverage streets, five star luxurious hotel, conventional centers and Rio Carnival high-end community, the project is regarded as the one-stop large-scale consumption and leisure tourist consortium. The project has received enthusiastic reaction since the trial operation, among which Carnival Outlets were regarded as the first “direct sales outlet of real international famous brands” in Shandong province, attracting the joining of numerous internationally and domestically renowned brands Armani, D&G, Brooks & Brothers, and currently the leasing rate reaches over 90%. Recently, Carnival Outlets have introduced famous education brands, including My Gym International Kids Education Center (美吉姆國際兒童教育中心) and Anglia International Art Education (安格國際藝術教育), to enrich the entire business operation for adapting to the local increasing demands for early education and training education along with successful trial and substantial results of Lego Education Center (樂高教育體驗中心) in the Carnival Outlets.

Summer Music Gala in Rio Outlets during Beer Festival Raising Summer Music Craze

Rio Outlets attracting numerous visitors during 10-1 Golden Week

Mr. King Pak Fu, the Chairman of Carnival International, said “Carnival International will insist on creating a special middle- and high-end one-stop consumption and tourist consortium and developing city landmarks. While satisfying the increasing consumption demand of tourists, we will strive to attract more visitors to stay in the PRC for consumption, providing the PRC’s tourist and consumption industry with a new trend and contributions.” The activities, regarded as one of the “high-end tourism” strategies of the Company, integrated robust atmosphere of Halloween, providing consumers with comprehensive experience combining shopping, leisure, entertainment and food and beverage in order to further develop the new experience of consumption market.