Carnival International Community is located at Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone in Chengdu, the core development area in the future. It is the high-end property project with the combination of luxury residence, park side commercial area and service apartment, developing into the first high-end foreign living area in Chengdu. The community covers 73,000 ㎡, with total construction area of 510,000 ㎡, compromising the new-styled city park, community space and the shopping center. The humanized design concept of a large community integrates the nature scenery with international lifestyle, in order to develop a new high-qualified and high-standard international community in the consulate area and Xin Chuan area.

Prosperous Junction Area among Three Districts

Carnival International Community is located in the junction area among the international exhibition area, the consulate area and Xin Chuan innovation technology park. The consulate area under construction is on the north of the community; Xin Chuan innovation technology park is on the south; Fu river is on the northwest, and the new international exhibition center is facing the community, on the opposite side of the river. The community has a superior location and prosperous environment. Both Tianfu Avenue and south extension of Hongxing Road link Tianfu New District and downtown. Also, Metro Line 1 and the extension of Line 6 pass two places. Therefore, it is convenient to go to new and old areas by bus, car or metro.

Delicate Masterpiece Beyond Imagination

Imperial Residence of Carnival International Community is the residential part of the project. The innovational community layout of dragon curve replaced the Chinese traditional community layout. The design concept of open space has been applied to practice, ensuring 400-meter view of Jin Jiang from each building. The landscape design has set the scenery in different layers and in different groups, including living water landscape, which compromises a vivid, colorful and energetic view. The architectural style has integrated Chicago style, Art-deco style and modern architectural style, with emphasis on the function and space organization in a concise style. The amazing 11-meter elevated level of art lounge provides a perfect social place for owners. The extraordinary 3.15 meter height of the room highlights the spacious room and comfortable living space. Moreover, Imperial Residence has the first underground sunshine rotary garage in Chengdu which can take in fresh air and sunshine.

Top Commercial Facilities

The commercial part of Carnival International Community aims at shaping a new fashion space, creating a fashion new gathering spot with the fusion of people, streets, nature and buildings all together, providing one-stop experience of shopping, leisure, recreation, entertainment and gourmet food. The overall plan is to make good use of natural resources, like the riverbank view, riparian wetland park. The commercial street will take the design of simulation of the Grand Canyon combined with commercial design of Spanish steps. There will be different types of business. The retail business part will bring together the high-end brands of super popular international boutique, of well-known designers and of domestic hot sales. The catering business will introduce Chinese and western cuisine. The recreational business includes exotic SPA, Chinese and western health care, world-class cinemas, boutique supermarkets and etc. It will also introduce the world-class wineries, high-end private clubs, Star bars, exotic pubs and etc.  AMPHITHEATER festival plaza will be built for the purpose of different kinds of festival celebration, concert, musical festival, fashion show and etc.

Asian Top Serviced Apartments

The leading provider of luxury serviced apartments in Asia, Shama, officially signed management contract for properties in the Carnival International Community, which will bring Chengdu a brand new living experience. As a lifestyle provider, Shama’s philosophy is to offer serviced apartments that epitomise comfort, style and luxury. Guests experience a warm welcome from staff that personalise the living experience with their professional ethos. Shama is a fusion of boutique and function with modern décor, and an emphasis on clean, simple, contemporary furnishings with a seamless blend of comfort and technology. Shama brand’s signature style is reflected in every property that always exhibits a blend of Eastern and Western aesthetics, from the furniture to the fittings. To ensure comfort and quality, materials such as hand-knotted rugs and original artworks, are meticulously selected. Shama also provides unrivalled hospitality service including professional concierge service, bringing tenants an exceptional living experience.