Qingdao Shilaoren Project — Privileged Life with Great View over Mount Lao and the Sea

Coverage: 44,399.7 m2
Floor area: 111,573.1 m2

Geographic advantage: The project is located in Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, which is one of the destinations in Northern China most favored by tourists. Reputed as “No. 1 Mountain on the Sea”, Mount Lao is listed among the first national key scenic spots by the State Council. Being adjacent to Shilaoren Scenic Area, the project possesses a great sea view and embraces the spectacular nature. Only 3 kilometers away from Laoshan CBD and 9 kilotmeters away from Jinjialing Financial Center (金家岭国际金融中心), it is endowed with abundant resources, including the supermarket, hotel, hospital, gymnasium, theatre, museum and beer city within 5km reach. The project is even surrounded by ample tourism resources, such as Mount Lao, the beach, the sightseeing garden, the golf course and Polar Ocean World.
Convenient transportation: the Laoshan Road and the Hong Kong East Road, which directly connect to the downtown, and the Qingyin Expressway with about 3km reach make it quite easy to drive to and from the downtown.
Project Plan: Six buildings will be built along the seashore, including three Loft apartment buildings, one star hotel and two commercial buildings with underground parking lots. As “advanced residential buildings”, these apartment buildings have more high-end facilities over ordinary residential buildings, and offer residents star hotel-style living environment and management services. With a superior sea view, a low residential density and a high quality, the project is designed for high-income groups and to create a harmonious living culture.
Target consumers mainly comprise elites of the financial district and people with investment purpose flocking in from the downtown and other cities.